We believe that anything is possible,
but it might require a change of
perspective to get you there.


So we’ve made an ice cream from creamy Avocado & Coconuts. It’s simply goodness, that’s frozen. We hope it will make you think differently about ice cream, and food, forever. When it comes to food we believe that simplicity wins every time. We start by using the most nutritious whole food ingredients, and bring them together to create treats that are very different, in the best way possible.


Our ingredients are always naturally dairy and gluten free. We use avocados and coconuts to make our ice cream. We juice our own Lemons, we use the best Vanilla. We don’t use flavourings, we don’t use gums, we don’t use stabilisers, we never use refined sugar or any ingredient you can’t pronounce. Because we believe in doing things differently and making food the right way.
Brian and Rachel founded Nobó in the Summer of 2012. After spending time living and working in New York, they took a leap of faith and quit their jobs determined to start a food business together. They wanted to stick to their beliefs and bring their love of tasty, delicious food together with their passion for health and nutrition. Brian and Rachel now work with a fantastic team to produce the award winning dairy free ice-cream. The ice-cream is handmade in the beautiful surroundings of Co. Wicklow with the help of Jim, Mary, Aigars and Ieva. The most recent little helper is Sam, Brian and Rachel’s first baby and Nobó’s most prized asset.

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