The story behind our ingredients

June 18, 2019

Our dreamy ingredients

So much of the great flavour of our products is down to the quality and purity of the raw ingredients we use. Even if you already know the ins and outs of our clean ingredient list, we still have some fun facts and information on how we chose them, and the care we take in sourcing the best possible raw materials, in this months newsletter!

Frozen Goodness lover?

 You might have wondered how we came up with the idea of using avocado as a core ingredient for our ice cream? Well it started out with Rachel’s experiments using avocado to make homemade desserts, like healthier chocolate mousse! The avocado added not only a rich creaminess, but also heaps of benefits nutritionally. Thus, the idea of using it to create a healthier alternative to ice cream was a natural next step. Choosing which sweetener to use required a bit more research and debate! While there are a lot of alternatives to sugar we wanted to find out which one was the healthiest? It also had to lend itself to the ice cream making process and ultimately not impact the creaminess we were striving for. Many options were explored including agave syrup and maple syrup, because of their natural sweet taste and healthier credientials. However discussions with practitioners and nutritionists changed our mind and we finally opted for honey. More recently we spent a lot of time developing our ice creams further to make sure our flavours were more vegan friendly, and so begun using coconut sugar & brown rice syrup as a sweetener.
Fun Fact: back in 2013, at the Farmers Markets, we had other amazing flavours like Irish Roasted Irish Strawberry and Brambley Apple Crumble! Would you enjoy these flavours?


Chocolate lovers

Our ultimate aim when setting out to create Nobó CHOC was to reproduce the luxurious creaminess of a fine swiss chocolate, without the dairy and using far less sugars!

While we had tried some vegan chocolates on the market, we were struggling to find one that had still delivered the indulgence and creaminess we wanted, often those that were available were packed full of sugar and processed ingredients. And we wanted to avoid the grainy dry texture that some vegan chocolate has. We like to think we’ve achieved our goal with our own CHOC, hopefully you agree! But our creamy discs have more to them than just being tasty chocolate. We use A LOT less sugar, in fact 70% less than a bar of milk chocolate. That’s massive. And we steer clear of refined white sugar in place of unrefined organic coconut sugar which is a little gentler in the body.

Whats more, we only use sustainable and organic cocoa beans from a plantation near Virunga National Park. Cacao trees are planted in the buffer zone around the Virunga National Park to help create a sustainable source of income for the local communities and protect the last remaining gorillas. We work with a coop to buy this cocoa and they have a very robust program to assist farmers in cocoa cultivation, fermentation and processing, and comply with organic and fair for life certification. As they are an export company they cannot become Fair Trade, but have implemented the Fair for Life standard. The premiums obtained via the sales of cocoa are re-invested in the region and we are delighted to see it is already having a really positive impact on the farmer community. They provide support to the local hospitals, churches and schools and even a first attempt to build a university in the region.

So when you chose to buy our chocolate, you contribute to the conversation of mountain gorillas and their habitat, and are the helping to support these communities.