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Eat, Move and Live Better this weekend

EAT better, LIVE better, MOVE better

We are always on the look out for activities to get involved in over the weekend. Dublin has so much to offer and it can sometimes be hard to know where to look to find great things to do. We…

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Coconut Vegan Desserts

EAT better, LIVE better

When it comes to desserts and treats there are so many great recipes out there using natural ingredients. At Nobó we like to treat ourselves better without any feeling of guilt or regret. We love these two recipes by Indy…

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Magic Peanut and Chilli Sauce

EAT better

Katie Sanderson is a seriously talented chef who surprises us with new and exciting flavours every time we are lucky enough to taste her food. Katie grew up in Hong Kong and now living in Ireland has managed to create Asian…


Frozen Raw Carrot Cake Balls

EAT better, LIVE better

Ingredients: 1 handful of medjool dates (soaked for half hour) 1 tsp Cinnamon 1 handful of pecans (or any nuts you have to hand) 1 tbsp Lemon zest ½ handful of raisins 1 grated carrot 2 tbsp of milled flax…

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Nobó Smoothie Bowls

EAT better, LIVE better

Following the huge success of our smoothie bowls at Bloom and Body and Soul we decided we would share the recipes so you can enjoy them at home. We spent hours in the kitchen trialling different combinations of delicious goodness…