What is it made from? / If there’s no dairy in it what’s in it?
The base of the ‘ice cream’ is Coconut Milk, Avocado, and it is sweetened with Honey. So….there is NO DAIRY / NO GLUTEN / NO REFINED SUGAR

Isn’t coconut milk/avocado very fattening?
There is less fat in our ice cream than typical dairy Ice Creams. Up to 30% less. And the fats are ‘good fats’. Avocado is monounsaturated fat, which is thought to be good for lowering cholesterol, and coconut milk is a medium chain saturated fat, which is much easier digested.

How many calories are in Frozen Goodness compared to dairy ice cream?
Typical dairy ice cream has up to 30% more calories per 100g. Depending on flavour, ours ranges from 150 calories to 200 calories per 100g

Where are your products made?
All our products are made in Ireland. Our Frozen Gooness is made in Co. Wicklow near the Carlow border about 15 minutes from Tullow. Our Choc is handmade in Middleton Co. Cork.

What does the name mean?
Bó is the Irish word for cow!
Nobó is our way of saying No Dairy

Isn’t all ice cream gluten free?
Often it is not, due to a number of factors. We don’t use any gums and/or stabilisers or additions (like cookie dough!), which can typically contain Gluten.

Why do your products cost more?
Because we don’t use gums and stabilisers. We don’t use refined sugar. And we use nutritious plant based ingredients like Avocado and Coconut Milk. It is the only one of it’s kind in the world.

Are all your products suitable for vegans?
No, some of our Frozen Goodness range contains honey. However our Irish Salted Caramel flavour is Vegan as we use coconut sugar to sweeten it instead.

Is it vegetarian?

Are your products suitable for nut allergy sufferers?

Are your products suitable for diabetics?
It still contains sugar (from honey) and so it is not ideal. However, there is less sugar and so might help as part of a better diet in moderation.

Isn’t coconut a nut?
No, coconut is not a nut

Does it taste of coconut?
Our Frozen Goodness has a high percentage of coconut milk so it does have a subtle coconut taste. We use a very high quality single origin coconut milk so the taste isn’t a coconut flavouring and there are no bits. Our Choc has a much lower percentage of coconut in it so the taste of coconut is much less prominent in our Choc range.

What is the shelf life on your products?
Our Frozen Goodness has a shelf life of 8 months from the day it’s made if stored at the correct temperature. Our Choc has a shelf life of 6 months once it’s stored in a cool place.

How should I store your Frozen Goodness and Choc?
Our Frozen Goodness should be stored at -18 in your home freezer. It should be treated like ice cream and will need 10minutes to soften before it’s scoopable. Our Choc should be stored in a cool, dry place. If the weather is warm we suggest storing it in the fridge to prevent it from melting.

It says on the tub do not to refreeze – does that mean I have to eat it in one go?
No, as long as it doesn’t thaw fully then it’s ok. We just don’t recommend letting it sit out to the point that it’s thawed to it’s liquid state, refreezing at this point will result in it becoming very icey.