Our Story

We founded Nobó in the Summer of 2012. After spending time living and working in New York, and inspired by the innovative food culture there, we took a leap of faith...quit our jobs in marketing and finance...and moved to Italy. We were determined to start a food business together and decided to spend time in Italy working in a restaurant in exchange for room and board, allowing us the opportunity to learn more about food and immerse ourselves in that world.

After returning, we started Nobó because we believed in the possibility of creating healthier treats from simple nutritious ingredients. We wanted to combine our love of tasty, delicious foods together with our passion for health and nutrition. We decided to start by reinventing ice cream. From our home kitchen in Dublin, on a borrowed ice cream machine, we began to experiment with possibilities. Initially we made just enough of our unique ice cream to supply weekly farmers markets at farmers markets outside Dublin. When demand grew, we moved to a commercial kitchen in the heart of the city. There we refined our recipe for Frozen Goodness and experimented with new flavour combinations.

We now work with a fantastic team of small batch producers to produce both our multi-award winning dairy free ice-cream, and now our new plant based chocolate. Our ice-cream is handmade in the beautiful surroundings of Co. Wicklow with the help of Jim, Mary, Aigars and Ieva. Our chocolate is handcrafted in Mallow, Co. Cork with the help of Shana and her team. The most recent little helper is Sam, Brian and Rachel’s first baby and Nobó’s most prized asset. Nobó is a family owned business started by husband and wife team Brian & Rachel Nolan. Follow Rachel & Brian on Instagram for a peak behind the scenes.

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