Our IngredientsWhen it comes to food we believe that simplicity wins every time. We start by using the most nutritious whole food ingredients, and bring them together to create treats that are very different, in the best way possible. Our ingredients are always naturally dairy and gluten free. We don’t use flavourings, we don’t use gums, we don’t use stabilisers, we never use refined sugar or any ingredient you can’t pronounce. Because we believe in doing things differently and making food the right way.

We use as few ingredients as possible in our treats - just four in our Vanilla & Coconut Frozen Goodness and only 5 natural ingredients in our new Smooth & Creamy Choc. Each ingredient we use has a critical role to play, it has been carefully selected for its taste and nutritional profile and is sourced from the best possible supplier. We hope our products will make you think differently about treats, and food, forever.

We spent over two years experimenting in our home kitchen, trying out hundreds of different recipes and combinations before ultimately creating Frozen Goodness, our first product. To make our ice cream alternative we begin with a pure single origin Indonesian coconut milk. Simply coconut flesh + water (not canned!). To this we blend in creamy Haas Avocados. Our fruit flavours use real fruit, 100%, no sugar, no flavourings, nothing artificial. You may also notice the absence of a long list of stabilizers, gums and emulsifiers on our label; we prefer the more complex process of building texture and flavor without them. It’s simply goodness, that’s frozen.

Our chocolate project started in 2015 and took over 18 months of hard work. Our goal was to create a creamy, indulgent, milk style chocolate without using dairy or refined sugar. Nobó Choc is made from simple plant based ingredients. Coconut and Cashew Nuts create creaminess and replace the milk while raw unrefined coconut sugar gives sweetness without the high glycemic load. We use sustainably sourced cocao beans from Virunga National Park in the Congo. All our flavours are vegan friendly and free from soy or any nasties.